So Ibiza, the quiet side, is ridiculously beautiful. Shame I didn’t bring my camera. I’ll probably update with more photos when I can.

Anonymous: Thank you so much for responding, I'm sure you guys get a million questions about that! I'm so excited!

It’s okay! Ask away :)

Anonymous: --also, if there is a female model she won't be like a supermodel or perfect right? She would look like a normal human girl? Because I have enough self esteem problems as is, I could do without a "perfect" girl in my escapes. (For example: rust)

Nope, she won’t, we’re going to be steering waaaaay off from perfection :) 

Will rust ever allow you to choose between a female/male character? I hope options are available in the future!

Yes indeedy! 

Rome was incredible! Back to work Monday :) 

I was surprised to find out that all the statues in Rome were originally painted. Like flesh tones, hair and eye colour and all that jazz. Weird.